This weekend will feature a bonus Sketch Day on Saturday. I completely love playing League of Legend’s new champion, Vi, so I am going to revive my “Selkie Characters as League Champions” sketch series because Andi is such a ridiculously good fit for this. XD

Also, I am going to attempt both a regular comic and a bonus non-canon Christmas one-shot strip for Monday. See you then and have a great weekend!

I have a tidbit of background development info I've been meaning to share for awhile now, and since it pertains to Alexis this may be my last chance for the info to be relevant. XD One of my first Webcomic attempts was a sci-fi/superhero story that I've had running through my head since high school (I can't link to it because the website went down and I lost the source files and drawings years ago. It's for the best as they were terrible, although one day I'd like to try it again). The story took place five years after an alien invasion and featured four humans tasked to save the world: Rita, Russell, Mari, and Leon (Russell's eleven year old son). As a personal joke/nod, I lifted the character designs for three of those characters to become Selkie characters (albiet with different names and personalities). Rita was actually split into two characters: Her general look was used for Marta, but her skin tone and hair color palettes were used for Mary (the orphanage staff member who first interviewed Todd). So if you palette-swap Mary's skin and hair colors onto Marta, you have Rita. Before the alien invasion, Rita was an automotive engineering student, a trait I chose to preserve with Marta. Leon's design was used for Ricky (one of the orphanage boys picking on Selkie near the beginning). A slight difference between them is Leon has green eyes, but I gave Ricky grey ones. Also, Leon is a "gentle soul" type of character, while Ricky is a bit rougher and wilder and more jock-y. And Mari became Alexis, which is probably the biggest personality overhaul of the bunch. Mari was a caustic venom-tongued lone-wolf who was smart and ruthless and not much of a people-person. Alexis is kind of a lazy sponge. XD I have yet to figure out a place to incorporate Russell's character design, but you'll know him when you see him; he is a large-framed redhead with an Alabama accent. Oh, and I almost forgot this, but Jessie's hair stripes come from this same story. One character was a cyborg human race traitor working with the enemy aliens. Her bright blue hair stripes are the only thing she and Jessie have in common. XD If I ever revive this story it'd be fun to see how many "Selkie did it first!" moments people can find.