Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate it. I aaaalmost wimped out and did a Thanksgiving drawing in lieu of an update. Almost. XD Instead, come back this Saturday for a Sketch Day Bonus which may be Thanksgiving-esque. 😀

A concept sketch for Big Tammy can be seen here. I drew this in ballpoint pen on notebook paper very shortly after I introduced Keisha Wu Moonsong and Sandy (which was practically back at the beginning!). You can see them at the top row since they were new and I felt like drawing them at the time, but below that are some early background-character sketches. Big Tammy is the girl with the ponytail (which I think may have influenced Jessie's design a bit, so Tammy's ponytail will probably be lower when we cameo her next strip to distinctify her a little). The Indian girl with the braid became Savitribai (seen in the foreground of panel 1 here.) He hasn't made a visible appearance yet, but the hippie-looking kid with the glasses and poofy hair became "Star" (the little boy whose parents wish him to be un-named on the seating chart). I have yet to find a use for the kid with unruly hair covering his eyes and the butterfly-eater.