(I’m going to have to shade the comic later. I dallied a bit too long, and I need to get to sleep.)

Aaaaand this closes the arc. The next few sets are going to be a bit different from the norm for a very important reason.

As a few readers have noticed, time has moved at an absolute CRAWL in the comic’s canon. Aside from a time skip of about four months during the initial story arc, the entire comic so far has taken place in about three, almost four, weeks. Selkie was adopted mid-August, then the school year started, and the last three arcs (first day of school/shirt incident, visit to grandparents, and the dinner with the Fairweathers) have taken place in the same WEEK.

It’s time for summer to end. I’m not going to do anything drastic like skipping to the end of the school year or anything, but I’ve been stuck in mid-to-late August for too long. Time needs to advance, at least into autumn.

So, to advance time a bit, I am breaking up the long-format storylines just a pinch. I am going to do a few short arcs/short stories to advance things a bit. Kind of like when I do shorts between arcs, except different because these shorts, more or less, ARE the next arc. …arc-ish, anyway.

I have one more brief Summer story to tell just to give Selkie a little more time with her aunt and uncle before they have to leave town, then we’re finally leaving the summer.

I was going to have Todd give a little more detail on his background, but I chose to save it for later so I can give it a bit more fleshing out than a two-panel blurb.