I wanna thank everyone who commented on the style sheet I posted over the weekend. I have a few more “playing around” ideas I wanna try before I start taking style changes live, but so far I really like the ideas I’ve been getting from everyone’s feedback. Thank you.

Also, for those who don’t remember, Amanda’s GameKid would later meet a terrible fate.

-EDIT- I completely spaced on mentioning this last night, but as another reminder, for those in the Springfield IL area, I am exhibiting with several other emerging artists at Breaking In this Saturday (Sept 15) at 1022 S Pasfield. One of us made a facebook page last night, I’d love for it to be mentioned/liked/shared if you could. Thanks!


There is a part of me that distresses over Heather's use of the term "real kids", but I also feel "biological kids" is a bit of a mouthful for her, and I don't feel her thought process would phrase it that way.