Selkie can screech, but she generally resists the urge. Heather knows about it but it still freaks her out.

– – – – –

Anyone who is in or near the Springfield Illinois area, I wanna invite you to attend an exhibition I am going to be a part of. I will be joining some fellow emerging artists to show work at the Pharmacy’s Warehouse location in a few weeks. The show is Saturday September 15 at 6pm, at 1022 S Pasfield in Springfield IL (about two blocks north of South Grand Ave). If you can make it, I’d love to meet Selkie readers in person. 😀

I don’t have a current picture of me right now, but those of us exhibiting will have nametags. I’ll be the heavyset blonde guy with a goatee glasses and really short hair.

Selkie's ability to screech is something I was originally going to reveal in a more comedic-context in a between-arcs short one day, but I like it here.