I wanna thank everyone for offering me their opinions on the issue of re-drawing old strips last time. I have a few angles I am considering for Selkie merch, books being one of them, after I finish some current projects. More details as they come.

Also have a Skyrim related question, for any fellow Skyrim players. After 60 hours of gameplay and some protracted non-Skyrim gametime, I just got to completing the main quest line this past weekend. Still got a lot of sidequests and unexplored areas I can go through, but I’m also tempted to make a second character just so I can build a Dragonborn that isn’t a mishmash of skill sets.

So, continue adventuring, or make a new character and see what happens when I choose new story options?

Barb is displaying a tendency to over-react that... that just makes me chuckle. XD