This is a very serendipitous comic; my own real life brother and sister came in to town from out of state this weekend. Great to visit with them again, been too long.

Ate WAAAAAAY too many fajitas Saturday night. XD

Marta and Antoine have been through a lot of character and background changes since their first draft. Originally Todd was the YOUNGEST of three siblings, Marta was married with two biological children, and Antoine was transgender. Over time as I worked out more of Todd's background it made more sense to me for him to be the first kid adopted, so Marta and Antoine got an age downgrade. I still think Marta will have two children down the line, but somewhere along the way Antoine became gay instead of transgender. I don't really have a point-to-point on how I came to change that part of his character; he just... started dialoging in my head as a gay man and I ran with it.