Sorry about the unfinished comic everyone. I wish I could blame someone or something other than myself, but I had a bit of a procrastination theme this week on homework and such. 🙁 I’ll try to have at least flat colors up by morning.

-EDIT- Updated to full color. Probably won’t have time for shading though, sorry. 😐

On a better note, this week features a Very Special Episode of Sketch Bonus Saturday. I am creating a children’s book for my Senior Project. If you’re interested in something not Selkie related, come back Saturday for a rough sketch of one of the pages!

Forgot to add the Director Commentary at first. >_< Amanda is a difficult character to write for. She is troubled and vindictive, but also just a kid. She has modes of thinking that an adult or teenager with a similar personality wouldn't use. There's a lot to juggle with Amanda, and sometimes I wonder if I am doing right by her with the chronic meanness. On a related note, I kind of wish this was a real-life production so I could buy Heather an ice cream cone.