“Do not flinch”, said the man with the flaming eyeball.

↓ Transcript
SELKIE: Still hurts.

SCAR: I must be taking of look. Hold very still.

SELKIE: Because it will hurts MORE if I don't?!

SCAR: No, because I am only having one good eye, yes?

SELKIE: nnnnnn... mmnn..

SCAR (VO): Do not allow yourself to be flinching.

SCAR: That is not who you are.

SCAR: You are child of Storytellers. Artisans. ...and Builders. You are, and will be, of doing great and wonderful things.

SCAR (VO): But this is not a thing to be done by looking at the back, yes? Look forward. What you must be learning, will not allow for flinching.

Just keep swimming