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AVERY: We'll start this Not-A-School-Day with Resonance. "Resonance" is a name for the energy supply that fuels sarnothi technology. On the screen here, you can see some photos of apartment buildings in Sarnoth we were able to obtain before the city closed itself off to the outside world entirely.

AVERY (VO): The domes are Resonance generators which send energy down the pipes along the building, powering the dwellings inside. All sarnothi equipment uses Resonance energy, but the construction and maintenance of this system can only be done by a small number of people.

AVERY: The sarnothi call them "Echoes". An approximately one-percent of the population who can control and direct this energy. For a long time, we were unsure if they generated this power from within, or if they channeled it from elsewhere.

AVERY: Due to "recent developments", we now believe the channeling hypothesis to be more likely.

So. Many. Words.