Te’Veirn was not a well-liked man, in his time.

↓ Transcript
THEN: Okay, serious time. Briefly. I'll write a report first thing in the morning.

POHL (VO): Thank you, Then.

POHL: And, one recommendation if I may?

POHL (VO): I'm still assessing the details of the situation. I advise minimal intervention, until I can complete that.

THEN: I'll note that. Good night.

THEN: Hmmm... The Heresies of Ti'Veirn...

THEN: The exiled scholar who dared to suggest that the human legends of wizards and witches, of visions and prophecies... may have been humans that could tap into the Resonance. If Ti'Veirn was right, then...

THEN: It can be learned.

Learning curves may include BOOMs