For those who may not have seen the Twitter or Discord updates, my Facebook Account got hacked over the weekend. I still need to regain access, but until further notice be cautious of anything that comes from my or the Selkie/SnK facebook accounts.

↓ Transcript
KEISHA is sitting at her desk, zoning out as she tries to pay attention to the day's lessons.

AMANDA passes her a note from off-panel.

"We're sorry we were mean.

An arrow points to a different set of handwriting.


KEISHA passes a note form off-panel to AMANDA. behind her HEATHER is leaning over her desk, waiting to see the reply.

KEISHA'S note:

"I can be mean to. Gimme your lunch money. Lol. *winking emoji*""

AMANDA sticks her tongue out at KEISHA playfully.

Conflict resolution that doesn't involve projectile vomiting? Heresy.