Chanelle is referencing the logic puzzle Theseus and the Minotaur.

She loves this stuff.

↓ Transcript
Keisha: Wait, George, YOU'RE mad, too?

George: Uuuh, YEAH. Duh.

George: "Oooh, lookit us, look at AAALLL the stuff our new PARENTS are doing, we're so special and great and learning Chinese!"

Keisha: Tsch. Like they weren't right there in the orphanage with us, like, TWO MONTHS ago.

George: RIGHT?!

Keisha: Hey, so, I was gonna go find Chanelle and hang out. Wanna come?

George: Is she gonna talk about parents all day?

Keisha: No, WORSE.

Chanelle: Okay, so, the Minotaur moves two spaces, and Theseus moves one. But the Minotaur only moves if he can get CLOSER to Theseus, horizontally or vertically. Now we have to escape the maze!

Keisha: Told you it was worse.

George: Don't we do enough math in CLASS?

Chanelle: NO! Not at all!

To my fellow Dragalia Lost players, Chanelle is basically Xiao Lei.