Gien saying Gien things

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Gien monologues:

But as we look to the end, we must try to keep fast to a vision of what we want that life to be.

We have all lost much, and have much to rebuild ahead of us.

But I would also call on us to look to new roads, as we travel onward.

We of Jin'Sorai are Sarnoth's dreamers and forgers. Above all else, we honor our history by moving forward and advancing.

I would invite all present, Jin'Sorai Tel'Dora Mor'Kama, and the Sar'Teri who have chosen to stand with us, to join in this vision.

But for the current moment, I have taken up enough of your time.

Allow me to present Ke Ban and Ke Nan Be'Mara. Two of the finest dancers Havei Jin'Suir has had the pleasure of knowing.

Short introduction speeches are an under-appreciated artform.