Comic’s up. Thank you all again for your patience yesterday.


In other news, I received a fanart from Saokara yesterday. Her take on a teenaged Selkie, with Sar’Teri-style markings:

Thank you, Saokara!

↓ Transcript
Todd: So, what's going on up here?

Avery: Remember what Sai Fen said earlier about celebrating the sale of that eel?

Avery: It's actually a big deal for them.

Avery: Engaging in trade, in some commerce, means new opportunities, new potential.

Avery: A lot of them want to celebrate the arrival of opportunities, of chances at business, of revitalizing amd enriching their lives.

Avery: If you recall, Jin'Sorai are the "Artisan and Storyteller" Clan.

Avery: They're big on celebrating publicly.

Jin'Sorai parties are the ones that get the cops called on them