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Gien: Hmmph. I thought you would see my side of this.

Gien: You put your OWN child to work after all.

Te Vahn: Ya leave m’boy OUTTA this, Gien.

Te Vahn: Mehn’s old enough t‘have his markings, an all he does is feed cattle and clean th’ work space.

Te Vahn: Yer talkin’ about havin’ a girl ain’t barely past growin’ her legs do HARD LABOR.

Gien: I am TALKING about teaching the girl her PROPER PLACE.

Gien: As an Echo, she has obligations to the Clan.

Te Vahn: She ain’t even PART of th’ Clan!

Te Vahn: Gien, she may be Jin’Sorai Born, an’ I’m glad ta help her learn what that means, but we ain’t her life.

Te Vahn: Her home an’ family‘s up on th’ surface. Are ya really deludin’ yerself inta thinkin’ she’ll ever CHOOSE ta live down here?

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