I picked up Dishonored half-off on Steam’s holiday sale and have been really enjoying it. I love the ugly character designs and gritty world aesthetic.

(I also was not wholly sure about Corvo’s outfit but I figure he’d dress well yet in dark colors.)

I have not finished the game yet so no spoilers, please. Just completed the Masquerade Ball mission.

I am trying to play as non-lethal as I can since one of the loading screen tips said body count affects the ending (sleep darts, choke holds, blinking away or possessing hagfish if caught, etc. Occasional cheating by re-loading saves if I am forced to kill a bunch of people.) My role-play philosophy is that there’s no point killing a bunch of policeman just doing their jobs in my efforts to prove my innocence.

Again, there is a strong chance of no comic Monday as well. FYI.

An actual transcript, since the last one had legibility issues Selkie-as-Emily: Cans I haves an asassin mask fors my birthdays? Todd-as-Corvo: If you're good.