The wedding was fantastic! I am now the proud brother-in-law to a great guy who married my amazing sister. Love you both so much!

As for the Mystery Update, I present to you… a coloring page! This is line art for another watercolor illustration, but I thought for the Mystery Monday update the uncolored lineart would make a fun coloring book-style “activity page”.

The drawing is available here at 300dpi, high resolution and ready-to-print. You may print it off and have clean sharp lines for coloring with. I hope you enjoy the rainy day activity page. Have fun, and don’t forget, regular storyline strips resume on Wednesday. 😀

And thank you again Merry Lurker for giving me Friday’s guest strip so I could participate in all the running-around of the wedding preparations. We had to convert an outdoor wedding to an indoor wedding pretty darn fast! 😀

SELKIE wants to learn Bubble Beam! But SELKIE can not learn more than four moves. Delete a move so SELKIE can learn Bubble Beam? >Tackle -Hi Jump Kick -Water Gun -Poison Sting 1... 2... 3... POOF! SELKIE forgot Tackle! SELKIE has learned Bubble Beam!